What Mrs. Callie Terrell Taught Me About Strength and Fragility That I Did Not Know

By: McKenzie Clarke

Who might better represent the embodiment of two seemingly oxymoronic words like “strong” and “fragile?” The beauty of spirit and mind lovingly intertwined into the person who is Mrs. Callie Terrell, a living testament to the unity of what many might assume to be impossible. I did not truly know, prior to talking with Mrs. Terrell, how the active living of those two terms might look or feel, but I encountered something profound in the (virtual) presence of Mrs. Terrell. What grabbed at me and lulled me into its comforting and fascinating presence as I listened to and spoke with Ms. Terrell was love. I felt the comfort and sadness of time with its mighty weight also the softness of wisdom and humor. I felt a deep, easy love that blessed me with this realization: strength and fragility together create a force that shifts worlds. They create love, and I had the divine opportunity to meet them both in one human being. Beautiful.