What the News Taught Me About Age and Ageism I Did Not Know

I have learned several things in the newspapers over the course of the last couple of days that, although not all speak directly to age, the lens could certainly be applied. For instance, I learned that U.S. researchers of the virus are not yet seriously applying the lens of gender to the data they are gathering, thus already leaving a large gap wide open in helping to construct an understanding of how this epidemic influences the bodies and daily lived experiences of women.

What Mrs. Callie Terrell Taught Me About Strength and Fragility That I Did Not Know

Who might better represent the embodiment of two seemingly oxymoronic words as strong and fragile? The beauty of spirit and mind lovingly intertwined into the person that is Ms. Callie Terrell is a living testament to the unity of what many might assume to be impossible. I did not truly know, prior to talking with Ms. Terrell, what the active living of those two terms might look or feel like, but I encountered something profound in the (virtual) presence of Ms. Terrell.

Eye/I Log #4: What the News Taught Me

To say that this is an interesting time we’re in would be an understatement. I’ve never been one to watch the news, although I do try to keep up with what’s going on in the world. I haven’t been watching the news during this pandemic by choice in order to protect my mental health.

My Visit to SIS Library

My visit to the SIS Library was very enlightening, and I understand why Young Scholars are encouraged to spend time there. My visit was only a glimpse into the extensive body of literature that is available for our research purposes. The library is organized into various sections: SIS Summa Readers and SIS anthologies, interview transcriptions, SIS history, and books for general reading across the disciplines.

Vicky’s Time

Life is cyclical. It begins with the inability to remember even the grandest of events—our birth, our first steps, our first words. Then, all of that changes, and, suddenly, we can relate our present to our past and compare current moments to those of yesterday. However, we store away our memories intrinsically, some forever.

The Shopping Queen

She called me beautiful. As I backed my cart up to let her pass, she breezed by and, with an eye-crinkling smile, said, “Thank you, beautiful.” Suddenly, I am pulled from my mindless shopping stupor and, for a fleeting moment, I am face to face with my future. Although a mask blocked her lips, I saw a smile in her cloudy eyes.

Descendants of Love

She called me La-La. No one in my family knew where exactly this nickname came from, because the letter L is nowhere to be found in my first, middle, or last name. Despite this fact I responded each time the name flowed from her lips: “La-La come over here and give me some suga.”

On A Scale of 1 to 5: Research Logs

Conversation with Her Maternal Grandfather EXPERIENCE, PLACE, PERSON, ACTIVITY: Article in Yes! Magazine (sent by Dr. Gayles) Click link to: “What We Can Learn About Resilience from Indigenous Leaders” Log Inspired by my Indigenous Friends.DESCRIPTION: This article is about the resiliency of indigenous people. They have been fighting a similar battle since colonists came to… Continue reading On A Scale of 1 to 5: Research Logs