What the News Taught Me

To say that this is an interesting time we’re in would be an understatement. I’ve never been one to watch the news, although I do try to keep up with what’s going on in the world. I haven’t been watching the news during this pandemic by choice in order to protect my mental health.

Eye-I Essay #2

I remember watching her walk back and forth past the window. She walked with a limp at a steady pace, her eyes were wide and low, and she spoke to voices only she could hear. Occasionally she would laugh to herself, and smile a toothless grin.

Lost Light

There is sadness in her eyes. Her voice quivers as she speaks. She sleeps to escape reality. As the coronavirus sweeps the nation, she is depressed. She does not get up in the morning. She does not want to look outside.

Hall Street

As I walk down my driveway, I see her sitting and soaking in the sun. Relaxed. Although there is pollen in the air, she seems perfectly comfortable as if there were some protective shield around her.

The Forgotten

Each time I enter the Grandview Cancer Center, I see African American women and African American men, all of them elders, sitting alone and waiting to be called for their appointment. That is the center where I take my grandmother.