What the News Taught Me About Age and Ageism I Did Not Know

I have learned several things in the newspapers over the course of the last couple of days that, although not all speak directly to age, the lens could certainly be applied. For instance, I learned that U.S. researchers of the virus are not yet seriously applying the lens of gender to the data they are gathering, thus already leaving a large gap wide open in helping to construct an understanding of how this epidemic influences the bodies and daily lived experiences of women.

What Mrs. Callie Terrell Taught Me About Strength and Fragility That I Did Not Know

Who might better represent the embodiment of two seemingly oxymoronic words as strong and fragile? The beauty of spirit and mind lovingly intertwined into the person that is Ms. Callie Terrell is a living testament to the unity of what many might assume to be impossible. I did not truly know, prior to talking with Ms. Terrell, what the active living of those two terms might look or feel like, but I encountered something profound in the (virtual) presence of Ms. Terrell.