Young Scholars
McKenzie Clarke
Danielle Mitchell
Kayla Shaw
Alix Swann (Summa Scholar)

Dr. Mary Schmidt Campbell

Dr. Sharon Davies

Dr. Angela Farris Watkins
Chair of Psychology
Chair of Faculty Council

Dr. Gloria Wade Gayles
Professor of English and Founding-Director of SIS Oral History

Dr. Virginia Davis Floyd
SIS Scholar of Traditional Knowledge

Dr. Dimeji Togunde
Associate Provost of Global Studies

Mrs. Christine Wiseman
Head of Digital Services Atlanta University Woodruff Library

Mrs. Gabrielle Glenn
SIS Research Librarian

Dr. Jeanne Meadows
Retired Founder of International Studies

The project is grateful for the support it has received from The Council of Associated Colleges, The National Endowment for the Humanities, The Atlanta Chapter of the Association for Retired People, The Dogwood Chapter of the Links, Ebenezer Baptist Church, The Temple in Atlanta, and, since its birth, inspiration and assistance from Dr. William B. Garcia.

In Memoriam
Mr. Tommy Burns
The First Videographer of SIS Oral History