True or False and Identification

  1. For the Cicero and other thinkers during Ancient Greece, old age began at 50.
  2. For Shakespeare, old was sixty-five.
  3. During the Civil War, the average age of Whites was thirty.
  4. The life expectancy of African slaves at birth in the United States was 21 to 22.
  5. Life expectancy of Whites was 40 to 43.
  6. Slaves of all ages in the antebellum South were required to work.
  7. Among countries outside the U.S., Cuba has the oldest population.
  8. There is no one characteristic that all people possess at a given age.
  9. In 2021, data show that White women live longer than Black women.
  10. In 2021, White men , as a group, live longer than Black women.
  11. Black women are among the majority in assisted living communities.
  12. Older slaves were treated with kindness because of their age.
  13. People with a strong religious faith live longer than those without a strong religious faith.
  14. People who live in rural areas live longer than people in urban areas.
  15. Women did not live longer than men during famines and epidemics.
  16. Black Americans are not ageist because of what our ancestors experienced during slavery.
  17. According to studies, children see gender before they see age.
  18. The physical world is, by definition, age-friendly.
  19. Sixty-five is the legislatively mandated retirement age for all citizens in the U.S.
  20. Every elder is elderly.
  21. Black women wear the addition of years to their lives better than do White women.
  22. The more recent an incident, the more clearly an elder remembers it.
  23. Children see age before they see race or gender. 
  24. The fastest-growing age group in the U.S. is 75+.
  25. When the Social Security Act was passed, life expectancy In the United States was 75.
  26. As a group, women are more challenged by physical aging than men.
  27. Growing older is more challenging for White women than for Black women.
  28. Ageism is not a problem in America.
  29. Because of their age, older slaves were spared many of the abuses of slavery.
  30. The Age Discrimination Act rendered mandatory retirement before 70 illegal.
  31. Mandatory retirement in the U.S. is now illegal except for police, firefighters, air traffic controllers, pilots, and nurses.
  32. An “aging staff’ is an age-sensitive word. 
  33. Regardless of their race, Black people think they are not ageist because elders are members of our famliy, and we love them!
  34. Biomedicalization of age is not a twenty-first century problem.
  35. Older Black women are not sexually desired and, therefore, they are not raped.
  36. Elder Law came into existence during the Presidency of George W. Bush.
  37. Shirley Chisholm ran for vice president when she was in her late thirties.
  38. President Obama established the White Council on Aging.
  39. Fannie Lou Hamer and Rosa Parks were in their twenties when they were involved in the civil rights movement of the sixties.
  40. Stacey Abrams founded #blacklivesmatter.

In no fewer than 20 Points, write about the statement of age and aging in the images below,.