Selected Quotes

I am seventy-eight, but in real life I am twenty-two.

Toni Morrison

Obsessed with trying to stay young, we are being insidiously aged by the culture in which we live. Aging doesn’t start in our chromosomes, but in midlife downsizing, the erosion of workplace seniority, threats to social security, or media portrayals of “aging Xers” and “greedy” Baby Boomers.

Margaret Gullette

I suppose it may be possible to “age gracefully” when one is not poor or alone or sick in mind and body or ignored or despised and has lived a privileged life.

Ruth Thone

Nine-year-old girls are developing breasts and pubic hair; 9-year-old boys carry guns to school; 16-year-olds can “divorce” a parent; 30-year-old men still live at home with Mom; 40-year-old women are just getting around to pregnancy’ 50-year old men are forced into early retirement; 55 year-old women can have egg donor babies; 60-year-old women start first professional degrees; 70-year-old reverse aging by 20 years with human growth hormones; 80-year-old run marathons; 85-year-olds remarry and still enjoy sex

Gail Sheehy

Old Age, I have decided, is a gift.

Maya Angelou

Wrinkles invited by Life have entered this House. Someone New is living in my face

Alice Walker