The Story of the SIS On-line Journal

On March 6, 2020, six Young Scholars were scheduled on Delta Flight #638T that would depart Atlanta for Nassau, Bahamas for seven days and six nights of age-focused research. They would interview six centenarians and a Bahamian Suffragette, visit a public school and a private school, attend a lecture at the University on feminism in Bahamian culture, conduct research at the University Library on approved topics, and talk with Nettie Symonette about creating art and writing a book.  

By nine o’clock that evening, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Spelman was closed and would not re-open after spring break. 

Although the world had changed and the Spelman Gates were closed, the Young Scholars remained committed to excellence. For every assignment they would have completed in Nassau, they completed three, and all of them in home spaces the Young Scholars refashioned into classrooms. They were scholars who became magicians working with love.   

It is, therefore, appropriate that this birth issue of the journal is dedicated to each of them and that, from this moment into perpetuity, each issue of the journal will acknowledge them, with gratitude and with praise, as the first writers of They Saw the Sun First

Mackenzie Clark Jacqueline Gaines-Brown 
Danielle Mitchell Rashah Neason 
Kayla Shaw Alix Swann